Awash Bank SC

Awash Bank SC would like to recruit qualified job applicants for the following vacant posts and invite interested applicants who fulfill the minimum qualification and work experience listed for the job openings.

Position 1 – Office Machine Technician

Qualification & Experience: Diploma in Electronics or related fields plus a minimum of 3 years in handling office machines.
Place of Work: Dessie Region – Dessie Town( V.No. 0124/23)

Position 2 – Relationship Officer -Branch I

Qualification & Experience: BA Degree in Banking & Finance, Accounting, Management & Economics plus minimum of 2 years experience in banking sector.
Place of Work: Kamashi Branch – Kamashi Town(V.No. 0125/23)

Position 3 – Customer Service Officer III

Qualification & Experience: BA Degree in Accounting, Management, Economics or related discipline plus minimum of three (3) years experience in the banking operation.
Place of Work: Ghimbi Branch – Ghimbi Town( V.No. 0123/23)

Position 4 – Branch Manager Class IV

Qualification & Experience: BA Degree in Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Banking & Finance and Economics plus minimum of 8 years of relevant banking experience of which 3 years in a supervisory position.

Place of Work:

Bole Nurahera Branch – Adama Town(V.No. 0120/23)
Arerti Branch – Arerti Town(V.No. 0121/23)
Negelle Arba Gugu – Negelle Town(V.No. 0122/23)

Skills Requirement: Knowledge of computer operation is mandatory
Term of Employment: Permanent
Salary & Benefits: As per the Bank’s Salary Scale & Benefits Package
Deadline:March 20/2023

How to Apply

Interested applicants, who fulfill the above requirement, are invited to apply only via Online Job Application System; within 7 consecutive days from the first date of this announcement.

For further information, please visit our website

N.B- Incomplete applications will not be considered