Commercial Bank of Ethiopia – Entry Level Exam

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is the leading bank in Ethiopia, established in 1942. Pioneer to introduce modern banking to the country with more than 1700 branches across the country.

Currently CBE has more than 35 million account holders in its more than 1824 branches and the number of Mobile and Internet Banking users also reached more than 5.5 million as of June 30, 2022. Active ATM card holders reached more than 7.7 million.


A world-class commercial bank financially driving Ethiopia’s future.


We are committed to realize stakeholder’s values through enhanced financial intermediation using the best professionals and technology.

Aptitude Test for Candidates of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia


Section One: Reading Comprehension

Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow it.

Banking and banks are very important for the functioning of the modern world. Without banks the way we use money wouldn’t work. Banks enable people to save money, borrow money and to pay for things with ease and security.

Each country in the world has its own well known banks that have branches in nearly every city so that they are convenient for people to use. People often have to visit the local branch of the bank when they want certain services. There are also some very big multinational banks that have branches in most countries in the world.

As well as the local branches that are in most cities, each bank also has a head office. This is where all central tasks are performed that let the local branches function. The people that work in the branches will be the bank manager, the person in charge, and various tellers who work behind the bank counter and help the customers. There will also likely be security guards to protect the money, workers and customers.

Most customers will just need to see the tellers when they go to the bank if they are depositing money into their account as either in cash or a cheque. However, they might need to see the bank manager if they want to open an account or if they have become overdrawn, when they have spent more money than there was in the account. Also if they want to borrow money and get a loan, they will need to see the bank manager who will have to approve it.

As well as being able to use cash or cheque to pay for things, banks also offer their customers the more convenient methods of using either a debit or a credit card. These methods are very convenient as you just need to carry a small plastic card to be able to pay for anything. When paying with plastic card, you will need to either sign a receipt or enter a PIN number to conform the purchase and that you are authorized to use the card.

Now answer the questions

1. According to the text, what do banks enable people to do?

A. buy products

B. get money now that they have to pay back later

C. save money for the future

D. all of the above

2. What is the purpose of the head office of a bank?

A. Support the local branches to work properly

B. Offer services to local customers

C. Work with other banks

D. Look impressive.

3. What do bank tellers do?

A. they protect the money

B. they help the customers

C. they arrange loans for customers

D. they are in charge of the bank branch

4. What happens when bank customers spend more money than they have in their account?

A. They will need to see the security guard.

B. They will have to go to the police station.

C. They will have to have a meeting with the bank manager.
D. They will have to borrow money from the bank.

5. Which of the following methods is more convenient when paying for something than using a cheque?

A. using plastic card

B. using cash

C. there is not a more convenient method

D. using an exchange of products

Section Two: Vocabulary

Directions: Choose the best word that can complete the blank space and write the letter of your choice on the space provided in the answer sheet.

6. A document which shows all your withdrawals and deposits (usually for one month) is called a” bank

A. stapler

7. If your “cheque

B. bill

C. card

D. statement

7. If Your cheque …………… , there were probably not enough money in your account to cover it.

A. reworks

B. binds

C. bounces

D. burns

15. Many got you how sisters have?

A. How many got sisters you have?

B. How many sisters have you got?

C. How many have you got sisters?

D. How many you have sisters got?

16. Register at we college the now must?

A. Must register we at the college now?

B. Must we register at the college now?

C. Must we at the college register now?

D Must we now at the college register?.

17. To please what do tell you they.

A. Please, they tell you to do what.

C. Please, do what they tell you to.

B. Please, you tell they what to do.

D. Please, you do tell to they what.

Section Four: Sentence Comprehension

Directions: Four statements are made about each of the following sentences. Decide which one of the four choices is the correct statement.

18. We are now open on Saturdays in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

A. We are now open all weekend.

B. On Saturdays we now close for lunch.

C. On Saturdays we are now open in the afternoon instead of the morning.

D. On Saturdays we now stay longer than before.

19. You must show your discount card in order to get a discount on goods.

A. We must see your discount card before we reduce the price of goods.

B. We can only give a discount on certain goods.

C. We are selling cards at reduced prices.

D. We can sell you a discount card here.

20. We are closed for staff training until 9:30.

A. We can train you to work here.

B. We are not open today because of staff training

C. The shop is run by trained staff.

D. The shop will open at 9:30.

21. Latecomers: Use back entrance upstairs, please.

A. Latecomers must sit at the back

B. Latecomers must wait on the stairs.

C. If you’re late, use a different entrance.

D. If you’re late, you must go back to the entrance.

22. Add your name to the list if you want to go on the trip.

A. This list should be signed by people wanting to go on the trip.

B. Check this list for information if you are going on the trip.

C. If you find your name on the list, you can go on the trip.

D. This list shows who has been chosen to go on the trip.

23. She thinks it is theirs, but actually they gave it to me.

A. It’s mine

B. She thinks they actually gave it to me.

C. They’re hers

D. None of the above

24. She doesn’t have to practice for eight hours without break.

A. She shouldn’t practice for eight hours without break

B. She needn’t practice for eight hours without break.

C. She can’t practice for eight hours without a break.

D. She mustn’t practice for eight hours without practice.

Section Five: Grammar and usage

A. Directions: Which of the four possible answers below is grammatically correct? Write the letter of your choice on the space provided in the answer sheet.

25. Esayas travelled to Europe.

A. Esayas went a journey to Europe.

C. Esayas has been a journey to Europe.

B. Esayas went on a journey to Europe.

D. None of the above.

26. The firemen had to break the door down.

A. It was necessary the firemen to break the door down.

B. It was necessary for the fire men to break the door down.

C. It was necessary with the firemen to break the door down.

D. It was necessary on the firemen had to break the door down.

27. I couldn’t understand what was reading.

A. I couldn’t make sense what was reading.

B. I couldn’t see sense of what I was reading.

C. I couldn’t find any sense of what was reading.

D. I couldn’t make sense of what was reading.

28. The books were so dear that I couldn’t afford them.

A. The books were too expensive to me to buy.

B. The books were expensive too much for me to buy.

C. The books were too much expensive for me to buy.

D. The books were too expensive for me to buy.

B.Directions: Choose the answer that best completes the blank space and writ the letter of your choice on the space provided in the answer sheet.

29. The process ………………… selecting candidates is a difficult one.

A. about

B. in

C. of

D. on

30. I……………… talked about this later.

A. rather

B. would

C. would rather

D would rather we

31.I knew ……………… the beginning that this wouldn’t work.

A. of

B. in

C. by

D. from

32. We don’t examine patients ……………… we have verified their insurance coverage.

A. when

B. although

C. until

D. because

33. Which company do you work……………?

A. no preposition

B. in

C. for

D. from

34. He ……………… a manager when he was twenty.

A. has become

B. becomes

C. was becoming

D. became

35. The bank now employs more people ………………… organization in the country.

A.that any other

B. than any other

C. than some other,

D. that some other

36. My friend and ………………… were asked to work on Saturdays.

A.I B. me C. mine D. myself

37. He is an engineer in ……………………

A. the cotton industry B. cotton industry C. cotton industries D. cotton industrial

38. A good manager knows how to get ……………………… out of the staff.

A. better

B. more

C. most

D. the most

39. ……………… was Almaz late last week? “Three times.”

A. How much

B. How many

C. How often

D. How long

40. The people …………… In the Vatican

A. live

B. are living

C. lives

D. is living

41.Did you ………………… out Yesterday?

A. went

B. going

C. go

D. goes

42. My sister ……………… three languages.

A. speak B. is speaking

C. speaking D. speaks

43. They ………… see the film last night.

A. weren’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. won’t

44. They ………… at 11.00 pm tomorrow.

A. will arrive B. will arriving

C. will have arrived D. arrived

45. Vicky……………… meeting new people.

A. is enjoying    B. enjoys

C. will enjoy      D. has enjoyed

Section Six: Dialogue

Directions: Choose the best answer and write the letter of your choice on the space provided in the answer sheet.

46. Have you transferred the funds to kemal’s account yet?

A. This looks more complicated

C. Which accounts do you want to use?

B. Am I authorized to make these changes?

D. No, I haven’t done that yet.

47. Where is your Sofa?

A. Between the two armchairs

B. Yes, there are a few near the windows.

C. Oh, yes. I keep a lap top on it.

D.I have got a table near the sofa.

48. I’ve got a new office now.

A. I think there are four cabinets in my office.

B. That’s great! Congratulations.

C. Are there any tables in your office?

D. You seem happy

49. How are you doing today?

A.I need a checking account B. Great! Thanks.

C. Have a good day. D. That’s fine.

50. Is there anything else I can do for you?

A.I need your help.    B. All done

C. No thank you. That’s all.

D. Great! Thank you.


Instruction: Choose the best answer and write the letter of your choice on the space provided in the answer sheet.

1. Here is a list of months and a code for each one:

January: 71

February: 82

March: 53

April: 54 May: 35

June: 46

July: 47

What is the code for the month of August?


B. 44

C. 40

D. 68

E. None of these choices

2. Pick out the one which is different from others

1050, 510, 240, 105, 37.5

A. 510 B. 240 C. 1050 D. 105 E. 37.5