Defense Construction Enterprise

Defense Construction Enterprise was established in 2010 by Ethiopian ministry of council regulation NO 185/2010 as public enterprise and national defense as supervising authority of the enterprise.

The authorized capital of the Enterprise is Birr800,000,000.00 /Eight hundred million Birr /of which birr 276,438,724.00/ Two hundred seventy six million four hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred twenty four Birr is paid up in cash and in kind.

Prior to its establishment as an Enterprise, it was structured as an Engineering Department under the Ministry of National Defense responsible for the construction of Army Hospitals, Depot, Camps, access roads and other infrastructure activities owned by the Ministry of National Defense.

Henceforth it establishment, the enterprise has mainly been undertaking various infrastructural proiects to satisfy of national defense infrastructural needs.

In parallel, it has also been engaged in the construction of mega road, dams, irrigation infrastructures and buildings projects that have been undertaking in different part of the country.

Defense Construction Design Enterprise External Vacancy Announcement

Position 1 – Junior Sanitary Engineer

Quantity Required:1
Qualification:Sanitary engineer,Irrigation engineer,Water Supply and Environmental Engineer, Hydraulics or Mechanical Engineer with GE(Graduate Engineer)license or COC certified.
Experience: Not Required
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Deadline: May 09,2023

Position 2 – Electrical Inspector

Required No: 1
Qualification:Bc/MSc Electrical Engineer with PE(Professional Engineer) license or COC certified.
Experience: 2 years for MSc and 4 Years for BSc degree
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Deadline: May 09,2023

Position 3-  Accountant

Required No:1
Qualification: BA degree in Accounting
Experience: 4 years work experience
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Deadline: May 09,2023

Position 4 – Lead Marketing Officer

Required No: 1
Qualification:Marketing, Business Administration, Business Management, Business Management related fields
Experience:4 vears for Masters and 6 Years for Bachelor degree.
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Deadline: May 09,2023

How To Apply

Interested applicants who can meet the above minimum requirements can submit their application. CVs and non-returnable photocopies of their credentials in person starting this this announcement

Address: Addis Ababa Wollo Sefer

Defense Construction Design Enterprise head Office Human Resource in person can to apply

Tel. 0118960629 For further information.