Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada

Centennial college scholarship:

Over the past 55 years, Centennial College has transformed itself from a local community college to a worldly institution, with a presence in countries such as China, India, South Korea and Brazil.
Our focus has always been on preparing graduates to enter the workforce while teaching our students to be leaders. We’ve worked hard to build lasting partnerships with local communities while preparing our graduates to succeed globally – work we are confident has led to our #1 ranking in the Greater Toronto Area for graduate satisfaction.

Centennial College is committed to figuring out the academic skills of all applicants before they apply, in order to promote access and student success. We do this through Global assessment practices, which ‘level the playing field’ and let people from different age groups, educational backgrounds and cultures have equal access to post-secondary education.
However, applicants also have to prove they can complete their program of study, which is why we also measure them on whether or not they have the academic skill level needed to successfully undertake a full-time college course load in the desired discipline. If they don’t, applicants will have a poor chance at success as early as the first semester of the program

Humber College Scholarships:

Humber is dedicated to providing you with a number of bursaries to successfully pursue your education while managing your finances. Bursaries are available for Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs and are awarded primarily based on financial need, although academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and community involvement may all be considered.

Fanshawe college scholarship:

Fanshawe College has International Education Advisors living and/or travelling to many parts of the world including India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, Jamaica, South and Central America, Jamaica and more.

Canadian college of technology and business scholarships:

Canadian College of Technology and Business is a part of the Global University Systems group of companies (the GUS Group)

At the Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB), your success is our goal. Through our range of IT and business-focused programs, we provide our students with the highest quality training, preparing them for a rewarding career in an increasingly digitalized world.

Diploma Scholarship in Canada 2023-24 (Fully Funded)

Degree level: 2 Year Diploma, 3 Year Diploma for Undergraduate, Graduate
Award country: Canada

1. Centennial college scholarship:

Official link: https://www.centennialcollege.ca/financial-aid/scholarships

2. Humber College Scholarships:

Official link: https://humber.ca/admissions/student-fees-financial-resources/scholarships-bursaries.html

3. Fanshawe college scholarship:

Official link: https://www.fanshawec.ca/admission-finance/financial-aid-awards/scholarships-bursaries-and-awards

4. Canadian college of technology and business scholarships:

Official link: https://www.canadianctb.ca/

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