Kerchanshe Trading Company

Kerchanshe Trading Company is the largest producer and exporter of coffee in Ethiopia, It has a proud history of providing quality coffee to the local and international markets.

Kerchanshe Group External Vacancy Announcement

Position 1 – Senior Equipment Administration Officer

Qualification & Experience: BSC degree in mechanical engineering having at least 6 years experience in equipment administration out of which 3 years and above experience in construction projects.
Deadline: March 15/2023

Job Description

Design construction projects, identify and quantity bill of quantities, as well as the expected price and total budget required etc.

Position 2 – Office Engineers

Qualification & Experience: BSC in civil engineering and a minimum of 4 years un experience civil engineering and COTM, as well as experience in building, construction projects, planning, report writing, contract administration, pricing etc.
Deadline: March 15/2023

Job Description

Design construction projects, identify and quantity bill of quantities, as well as the expected price and total budget required etc.

Required Skills

proven knowledge/skills/ competency in all modern and relevant technologies applied pre, on and post construction operations.

Position 3 – Senior Planning & Project Evaluation Engineer

Qualification & Experience: BSC Degree in civil engineering minimum 6 years of work experience out of which 1 year at senior level.
Deadline: March 15/2023

Job Description

Perform pre-planning activities, like feasibility study.
Prepares budget and programs for projects forwards professional comment on the studied feasibility.
Evaluates projects based on the already setup program and budget.
Identifies the gab and forward comments/ feedback.
Regularly reports to the General Manager or representative of the same.
Conduct review and evaluations for cost reduction opportunities.
Corresponds with various departments in relation to company plans and Programs

Relevant Skills:- including interpersonal and communication skills

Position 4 – Construction Manager

Qualification & Experience: BSC in civil engineering minimum of 8 years’ experience as construction engineer, site engineer including planning’s scheduling and reporting as well as project evaluation
Deadline: March 15/2023

Job description

Plans and follow ups the execution of various projects and takes remedial action before any damage  occurs.
Performs construction planning, scheduling, evaluation and reporting.
Evaluates not only the project but also the performance of the super visors and senior professionals.
Corresponds with various other departments, in relation to Construction Plans, Programs and Operations.

Skills Required

competency in all relevant and modern technologies applied in construction operations.

Position 5 – Transport Operation Deputy Manger

Qualification: BA Degree Or Above in Logistics, Transport and supply chain ,Management ,Business Administration. Automotive Or related
Experience: 8 years experience in Transport operation out of  which at least 2 years as transport Coordinator or Team leader or preferably deputy manager level.
Deadline: March 15/2023

General Job Description

Transport operation deputy manager is responsible for the planning, directing and Controlling the overall transport fleet operation  of the company. He/ She ensures that efficient  business services are provided economically. Ensures the efficient utilization of human and other resources though the exploration of new areas of transport operations. He /She will also work with other sister companies in Fulfilling Company’s objectives.


Prepare annual Operational plan.
Plan and manage Expense and income of transport operations.
Dispatch, Follow up and Control Trucks.
Assign drivers on trucks.
Control and supervisor the fuel, cry cargo, allowance and other related activities.
prepare work order for trucks maintenance and follow up on such.
Employ means of minimizing downtime via organized and effective and efficient  allocation of human and material resource and planning of operation activities .
Coordinate the activities of truck drivers and helpers.
Timely and accurately respond to correspondences with stake holders, transport operations, and other related issues.
plan and operation activities to superior.
Deadline: March 13/2023

Position 6 – General Service Officer(Gelan Condominium Area)

Qualification: BA degree in business management, public Administration, HR management ,Computer science  related fields
Experience: Minimum of four years general service and property officer experience, preferably experience with a fast moving company and should have served as a general service  officer for minimum 2 years.

Job Description

Leads and directs General Service activities
Implements company’s  property  and general Service policy, regulations and directives
Supervises and evaluates the duties of messengers, cleaners and guards
Provision of uniforms and safety materials as per the pre-designed plan of the division
Collects and effects electric and water bills
Monitors the plantation of grasses, watering and up keeping plants flowers
Managing and controlling employee’s cafeteria and its cleanness
Carries out perpetual and periodic inventory
Initiates purchase request when the stock reach re- order level
Receives, store and issue items purchased
Controlling and supervise vehicles management activities
Assures the continuous provision of water and power supply to the center
Undertakes all other related duties as may be required

Skills Required

Computer skills, Micro soft word and excel is essential
Must be able to manage multiple tasks.
Excellent organizational and planning skills
Exceptional communication skills, judgment and decision-making ability.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to read, interpret and summarize documents.
Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.
Must be able to work proactively and anticipate future needs or obstacles before they arise.
Demonstrate initiative in the work environment.
Flexible and team player.
Deadline: March 11/2023

How To Apply

Applicants who fulfill the above-mentioned criteria could submit detailed curriculum vitae along with supporting documents/credentials accompanied by cover letter addressing or by our website with the subject general service officer please mention the date on the subject line.