Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF)

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) is an agreement that includes 23 targets to be met by 2030 to slow down and lessen the swift and catastrophic loss of biodiversity. 196 nations have approved it. The CBD COP16, which will take place in Cali, Colombia, from October to November 2024, is the first conference since the GBF’s founding, making it an important time to review the status of financing for biodiversity globally, the progress that each country has made towards achieving its goals, and the obstacles that still need to be overcome. The Earth Journalism Network is launching a new global fellowship program for journalists interested in attending and reporting on this COP to guarantee that it receives extensive and varied coverage globally, especially in nations that its conclusions will significantly impact. This is a great chance to give journalists from low- and middle-income nations the ability to cover the negotiations while guaranteeing that important conclusions, choices, and results are available to audiences outside the conference rooms.

EJN UN biodiversity conference aims to enhance and expand the coverage of biodiversity concerns by journalists, while also bringing attention to the widespread, disastrous, and typically unreported effects of biodiversity loss. As part of this international summit, fellows will have access to technical assistance and informational materials ahead of COP16 to help them in getting ready for conference reporting.

This includes a pre-COP virtual workshop where you can meet the team, talk about reporting opportunities, and ask any questions you may have about supporting your pre-reporting and preparatory work.EJN’s fully funded conference in Cali will involve fellows in a range of specifically planned events, such as daily briefings, interviews with high-ranking officials, and an orientation session with biodiversity experts on the main topics at this COP. EJN trainers will be senior journalists with a background in covering international UN summits who will serve as mentors to fellows. They will assist participants in producing their stories and will provide insightful comments on the discussions taking place on the ground as well as feedback and direction when required. All the costs of this program including airfare, meals, accommodation, and logistical support will be covered by the host organization. Apply now to grab this amazing opportunity.

Fully Funded Fellowship for the UN Biodiversity Conference in Columbia:

Host Country: Columbia
Host organization: Earth Journalism Network (EJN)
Conference Location: Cali, Columbia
Conference Dates: October 19- November 2, 2024

Benefits of the Fully Funded Fellowship for UN Biodiversity Conference in Columbia:
Candidates applying can be journalists in television, print, online, or in radio.
Freelance journalists can also apply.
Online reporting fellowship will be available for journalists who wouldn’t be selected for in-person reporting.
Opportunity to work with journalists from all over the world.
Chance to visit and explore Columbia.
There are no application fees for the conference.
Economy class airfare will be given.
Accommodation will be provided.
Meals will be given.
Ground transportation costs will be covered.
Logistical support will be provided.
Visa costs will be reimbursed.

Eligibility Criteria for Fully Funded Fellowship for the UN Biodiversity Conference:
Applicants applying must:
Be a professional journalist working in a renowned media company or reporting from a low or middle-income country.
Clearly state the kinds of stories they might cover during the conference and have prior experience of reporting on biodiversity concerns.
Be physically available to travel to Cali to attend the whole conference.
Have an excellent command of the English language.
Send the application in the English language.
Not have attended previous EJN biodiversity COPs.
Submit their original content.
Have reporting experience related to climate change and other topics related to the environment.
Devise a report for this conference before arriving.
Be connected to a renowned media house or company.
How to apply for the UN Biodiversity Conference in Columbia?
Sign up to Earth Journalism Network using your email ID and password.
Use this email address and password to log in to the portal.
Fill in all the details asked in the online application form in English.
Upload all the required documents.
You can save a draft and complete the application later on.
Apply before the deadline.
Complete the form and submit it.

Documents Required for the Fully Funded Fellowship 2024 in Columbia:
Updated CV/Resume.
A letter of support from a media producer who will ensure that your reports will be broadcast on their channel.
Recent work samples on biodiversity.
Valid passport.
Any other supporting documents needed to travel to Columbia from your home country?
The last date to apply is 6th July 2024.

Officaial Link: https://earthjournalism.net/opportunities/fellowships-for-journalists-to-cover-the-un-biodiversity-conference-uncbd-cop16-in

Apply Here: https://earthjournalism.net/opportunities/fellowships-for-journalists-to-cover-the-un-biodiversity-conference-uncbd-cop16-in