Nuna Tech Solutions PLC

Nuna Tech Solutions PLC External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position – Software design and Development

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 2+ years of experience in front-end development and design.
Experience Level: Senior
Job Type: On-site – Permanent (Full-time)
Applicants Needed: Female
Salary/Compensation: Monthly
Work Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Deadline: July 12th, 2024

As a Front-End Developer at Nuna Tech you will play a crucial role in designing and developing our web applications. You will work closely with ourĀ  team to bring creative ideas to life and ensure a seamless user experience. If you have a passion for both coding and design, we would love to hear from you.
Develop and maintain web applications using Next.JS( React)
Implement state management using Redux RTK Query.
Design and style applications with Material UI and Tailwind CSS.
Integrate APIs to ensure smooth data flow.
Collaborate with UI/UX designers to translate designs from Figma into functional web interfaces.
Ensure responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.
Create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces with a strong focus on design principles.

Proficiency in HTML and CSS.
Strong experience with Next.js and React.
Expertise in Redux RTK Query for state management.
Strong design skills and an eye for detail.
Skilled in using Material UI and Tailwind CSS for styling.
Experience with API integration.
Solid understanding of UI/UX principles.
Proficient in using Figma for design collaboration.
Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.
A portfolio showcasing your design work and demonstrating your ability to create user-friendly interfaces.

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