Oromia Bank SC – Call for an Interview

Oromia Bank S.C. (OB) was established in accordance with the pertinent laws, regulations and the 1960 Commercial Code of Ethiopia, by the Monetary and Banking Proclamation No. 83/1994 and by the Licensing and Supervision of Banking Proclamation No. 592/2008.

Oromia Bank is continually adopting modern approaches to optimize operations, add value and provide enhanced superior customer experiences.

oromia Bank SC Call for an Interview

It is to be recalled that an external vacancy was announced to assign competent and capable external applicants in the capacity of Trainee Branch Sales & Customer Service Officer for Branches found at Finfinne City Districts.

Accordingly, the under listed applicant has been selected to the Preliminary Interview that will be held on Monday, March 06, 2023 in the morning session at 2:00 AM local time at Bole, behind Dembel City Center adjacent to Dembel Police Station, on the building where the Oromia Bank Hayu Branch is located.

Hence, we kindly inform the under listed applicants to avail themselves for the Preliminary Interview as per the schedule.

Please, come up with your ID.

For More Details Please download and check your name to seat for the Enterview Session using the following links: Invitation Interview (1)

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